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How to buy.

If you wish to buy our products

1.   Browse through the family of premium products we offerYear to the shopping cart each product that interests to him and number that wishes.

2.   Add to the shopping cart each product which interests you and in the number that you want.

3.   Once its purchase has finalized, it clicks in Making Order.

4.   Fill in your details and let us know in comments what form of payment you prefer: cash on delivery, transfer, credit card.

Also indicate us which date you want to receive the order. It is very important to put a phone number where this locatable to make delivery. Once you have sent your order proposal, we will get to work on it and will keep you informed.

Conditions of purchases:

Minimum purchase: Minimum purchase does not exist.

Prices: All the prices of products are in Euros and take including the tax of IVA.

Bearings: According to rates that you can refer to the following link

Procedures of shipments and give:

During the transport the shipment is insured. When arriving at the destiny, the carrier, will make the delivery in the indicated direction. If one is not they will call to him by telephone or will let a note to decide the delivery.

It is very important, when receiving the package, observing that they give it in perfect conditions. If not outside thus, it will have to point out it in the delivery letters patent before signing it later to be able to transact a outside necessary claim if.

Date of delivery:

For its commitments and gifts it can ask for a date to us of certain delivery. Verita house assures to him that you will have your gift or flattery in the date that she indicates to us. Use the field observations of the order form to let know the date us of wished reception.


In the section of our products a minimum weight is indicated and the price of the piece settles down on the basis of that weight, we invoiced to him according to he himself, therefore, always it will receive at least the weight according to which it has been received and more likely more than what you hope.


For any complaints or delvolucion, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us through phone 663334326 or email. We will replace infocasaverita.es if the product is not of your taste is on the other hand, paying only shipping costs to Casa Verità. To do this please contact us to within 7 days from receipt.

Our transport agency will pick you up the product at home.Verita House replace it is with another, free of charge for you if the product is not act for consumption (excess or lack of healing, abnormal taste etc...)

Mode of payment:

·         Against reimbursement: The payment will make it when receiving  the merchandise in the place of the destiny, having to pay the total of the purchase plus a 4% of the total of management of collection by the agency of transports.

·         Banking transference: Once made the order, it will have to send an entrance voucher to us to our electronic mail info@casaverita.esand the shipment can that is delayed 24 hours until receiving the confirmation of the payment.

·         Credit card.

·         PayPal.